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Successfully betting on tennis matches

Tennis betting online has slowly started gaining fans over the years. With players like Maria Sharapova and the Williams Sisters, tennis has gained a following not just from die-hard tennis fans but by the mainstream audience as well.

And while tennis betting online is still considered an underdog, compared to sports betting favorites such as horse racing and football, it is definitely recommended for novice sports gamblers as it presents minimal risk compared to horse racing and football betting.

There are many tennis betting online options you can choose from. Each will require you to sign up to an account in a Sportsbook, depending on your location and the available option in your region:

Match Betting – Match betting is the most common form of tennis betting online. It involves putting a wager on who wins the overall match. Usually, the favorites will receive less favorable odds compared to the underdog. This is just one of the tactics some of the sportsbooks to even out the bets on either side.

Set Betting – It’s pretty much like match betting, but you will be putting a wager on a predicted outcome of a set or a couple of sets. It presents a higher risk compared to match betting, therefore offering a much higher payout than the latter.

Futures betting – This type of tennis betting online is done at the beginning of each tournament. Betting options can range from predicting who will reach the finals or semi-finals, or who will end the season as no. 1. Think of it as like poker, where the favorable odds will start out high at the beginning of the season and will decrease as each set unfolds.

Games total – In this betting option, you will be wagering on how many sets a match will have. You can place a bet on either of the two options: over and under. The oddsmaker or the sportsbook will throw out a possible number of sets and you can place a bet on whether it’s more than (over) or less than (under) the figure set by the sportsbook or oddsmaker.

Spread betting – Spread betting is more than just betting on who wins or loses the match or the season. It presents a couple of conditions wherein you win or lose the bet. The team you’re betting for doesn’t have to win in order for you to win as well. Your chances of winning will depend on the conditions set, such as the number of rounds the favorite or the underdog will win, etc.

Prop betting - this usually happens during bigger events, wherein a sportsbook will throwout bets on random occurrences or non-occurrences within the game, such as who will win the first set and so on.

Live betting – Live betting involves placing a wager as the game is already being played. Compared to the traditional way of betting on a game, live betting allows you to assess which player has more momentum. What makes this tennis betting online option more exciting is that the odds could change anytime during the game. In addition, you get to know the latest updates of the game you are following through the scoreboards which are always updated by the bookies or through the live telecast of the game.