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It is every player’s dream to win the lottery, but what happens when the reality is far from what you expected? For a lottery winner in India, this was the case as his dream turned into a horrible nightmare.


Anoop, an auto driver from India won the lottery and his life changed completely. Unfortunately, the change was not all for the better as he kept receiving ceaseless requests for help. He eventually planned to move from his neighbourhood saying that he regretted winning the lottery.


Winning the lottery can change your life


Unfortunately, this is not always for good. We tend to focus on the positive parts of winning the lottery; like financial freedom. But it does come with some aspects that are regrettably negative.


It is important to learn from the experiences of others, like Anoop. Here are a few ways to ensure you do not face the sort of issues this winner faced.


Keep your identity anonymous


It is true that some lotteries insist on splashing the names and faces of their winners on the news. But there are others that allow winners to remain anonymous. You might want to consider playing those instead.


Buy lottery tickets online


Buying your lottery tickets through online lottery sites is a good way to keep your identity hidden. A lot of these sites will help you collect your winnings so that you can withdraw them to your account.


So don’t let Anoop’s experience discourage you. Be smart and buy your lottery tickets online today.