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Lotteries with bigger jackpot are better for you

If you were to play the lottery, would you go for those with bigger jackpots, like the Mega Millions, or Lotto Max? Or would you rather go for those with smaller stakes such as Pick `10?  Most would go for lotteries with smaller stakes for a couple of valid reasons. For one thing, smaller stakes means lower odds. In fact, your odds in winning in a Pick 10 lottery are half as much as that of a Powerball lottery. Suffice to say that you have more chances of winning with Pick 10 than with a Lotto Max or Mega Millions.

But here’s the rub: the more you play, the more chances for you to lose in a small stake lottery. So let’s say your odds of winning are 1-in-17 if you play a Pick 10 lottery game. There’s a big possibility that you’d be spending more than what you could win. In small stake lotteries, the most you could probably win is $500. And if you try to calculate how much you’ll spend on 17 lottery tickets, you may realize that you may not be getting anything much back if you only win $500.

One other thing you may want to consider when thinking about betting on a small stake lottery is that the there’s no chance of winning a significantly life-changing jackpot, even when you buy more tickets. Compare that to higher jackpot lotteries where your chances of getting back what you paid for and more and you’ll realize why it’s still worthwhile to spend more on lotteries with bigger jackpots.

What numbers will give you more chances of winning?

We’ve established that while the odds of winning in a big jackpot lottery are high but worth the tickets nonetheless. Now let’s talk about what numbers can possibly garner you bigger chances of winning.
The truth is, there’s no winning number combination in any lottery. Your choices can either be personal or calculated via a random number generator software. Either way, it won’t give you as much guarantee that you will win the jackpot.
What you need to remember when choosing lottery numbers is that there will be numbers which may or may not guarantee you bigger payouts (should you win) as opposed to chances of winning.
Take the numbers “7” or “8” for example. Most would think that having these numbers can increase their chances of winning the lottery. But while yes, it could, it could also diminish the pay-out. These are popular numbers and if there are about 18 people in a state who chose the same numbers as you did, you’d be splitting an 18 Million jackpot prize with everyone.
Bottom line is, if you’re thinking more about winning than taking home a bigger prize should you win, you’d end up with lesser pay outs than you expected.